fizzling out.

We would choose to go to California during a heat wave. Actually, between this, New York and Oregon having unusually hot weather during the times I've visited, I'm starting to think I have really shitty timing.

Still, we were going to make the best of this vacation. We were being burnt out by all work and no play. I think we could stand to be literally burnt a little.

Coffee shop hopping and museum venturing was the best way to keep cool. 

Trying new things seemed to be the theme for the weekend. Here's Looking At You was a nice restaurant we went to for dinner, and those tomatoes were the best thing I've ever had related to a vegetable dish. I still think about it sometimes.

Now that I'm back, I can't say that I was recharged from the break. It's still so hot. I feel like pieces of me are melting away, and I'm not so sure it's something that's retrievable.