wine ages too.

I mentioned how after New York, I would be Portland bound for my next adventure. A little late to post, but I think it's because I was dreading to show the results of little to no photos.

Maybe it was because I visited Portland before and documentation had been done of my first adventure there. We had a shorter time of vacation here, but we did do new things, so it's not like it would have been repetitive to take new pictures. 

Maybe it's just because I'm aging. It's only 25 coming up, but on the inside, I feel as if I'm turning 81. I find myself reveling in moments a lot more, and pausing only to snap a photo or two to commemorate such occasions.

Even without the photos, as tradition now states, we had an entire day dedicated to wineries. I remember getting a bit too wobbly, but ecstactic that one of the wineries had a dog present. 

I remember that even after sleep hit us in the early evening of winery day, we had girl talk late into the night over another glass of wine.

I remember exploring downtown Portland with just Erin as we waited for time to pass to meet up with Soyoung and her aunt at a sushi restaurant. The sushi was so fresh, and they were so generous with the helpings. We were so full that that night Korean bbq didn't even seem like a possible feat to be conquered. I was correct.

We explored more of downtown, and I remember cackling like a loon over every possible store with a pun name. I remember fondly of ice cream on the coldest day of our visit, because the Salt & Straw line was so short.

I think the memories are more solidified by me writing out my days in my journal/planner. Maybe I'll share some pages out of that one day. Not to say that I've stopped taking photos, or given up on this blog. I don't think I could ever do that. The chronicler in me would have a fit. 

It's just a pattern change that comes with aging, I suppose. As long as it's all in good taste, right?