sleep is for the weak.

Well, I finally did it. I visited New York. I can't believe I'm typing this but, I was visiting for work. Our first night in, ramen just sounded like an amazing way to end the day. 

And I was correct. I was in very good company after all. The day did not end there though. After dinner, we headed to Times Square. There were so many screens and it was so bright, that it felt like daytime. 

Somehow, we must have brought the Arizona heat with us. Everyone who lived there said this time of year was perfect, but we were met with humidity, and the large crowds at Times Square made it that much more sweltering. Not sure how I survived, but I did and went onwards with the group to Grand Central Terminal; the movie meeting hot spot.


Of course, I was there to work, but I had to do all of the other "New York" things. I braved a subway. I got to visit the 9/11 Memorial site. And I severely missed out on sleep.


On my very last night, I was up until four in the morning if that's any indication of the wonderful time I had. Great company helps too.

I realize for a grand trip as New York, I didn't take as much pictures as I could have. Most of the trip was spent hurrying from one place to the next. Time seemed more constrained than usual, so maybe that's why I spent so little of it on sleep. At least I finally did a photo post. Another one to come, as my next weekend will be spent in Portland. May has been a busy travel month.