It's not new that I love Disney. I go to Disneyland at least once a year. Seeing as how I'm going to Japan at the end of the year with a Tokyo Disneyland trip planned in, I thought that would be it for the year.

Luckily, I have friends who were born some years ago. And these friends who were born do not mind celebrating at the happiest place on Earth. Photos are fewer and mostly posted to Instagram, because did you even go if you didn't post to social media?

In all seriousness, I have less photos this time around because I was focused on making a montage. As you know, it's my newest hobby of sorts. I hope you guys enjoy the video and experience the withdrawals I'm currently having. Misery loves company, or so they say.

Shoutout to Zach for the last clip in the montage!


April has been a flurry of changes. At least for me. Transitions are always a little hard. You have to learn about the who, what, and where. And if you're anything like me, you stress unreasonably over it.

I've picked up watercoloring as a coping mechanism to help myself slow down and handle the stress. That, and the switch to a more consistent schedule has left me feeling a bit more calm.

IMG_0240 (Priime Hikari).jpg

At the forefront of things, I'm enjoying my time off. It's allowed me to partake in more celebratory shenanigans. I think that has helped reignite my interest in photography. I've been looking into cameras, because that's clearly the responsible thing to do. In the back of mind though, I do worry about getting a little complacent over time.

May brings a lot of travel plans. That should keep me active and stave off that concern. Besides, I should just work on reveling in the moment anyway.

spring fever of sorts.

Lately, I've been enjoying the spring weather despite the pollen attacks. I find myself in a daydream mood much more often, and I can't tell if that's something good or not.

Above, I found the image on the coffee grinder to be amusing. "Filter Coffee Not People". I've had a tendency to do both.

While I'm enjoying the season, there's a part of me feeling pressed for time lingering in the back of my mind. Almost like I'm a crossroads of sorts in life. It's easy to figure out what's important what's not. What do I want, versus what I need.

I'm probably revving up for the changes that are coming up in my life.

Still, some things remain the same. Watercoloring, enjoying company of family and friends, taking forever to update, etc.

I say it every time. I do hope to post more and do more photo adventures. Though with this weather, it could be just another one of those daydreams.

que sera sera.

I had every intention of posting more in February, but I got in the way of that. Correct. I am putting the blame on myself.

First, a special thanks to Parks & Recreation for bringing about the celebration of Galentine's Day. It's a day about ladies celebrating ladies, and my amazing, lady friends did just that with the weekend before Valentine's

I took some pictures, but not very much. When you're surrounded by amazing friendships, you tend to just soak it in a little more.

I got to have a roommate date on the same day as Galentine's celebrations by going to an aquarium. I have an intense love for aquariums. Especially ones that have penguins, and jellyfish.

It's no California Academy of Sciences, but if this little desert that we live in has a nice ocean getaway without the sand, I can make do.

The lull of taking said pictures and posting them were a result of unnecessary and inane events that got in the way. But I quickly dismissed all of that when came the day of bringing my puppy home.

Her name was Sulu, and she was perfect in every way. She was only eight weeks old, but she learned how to sit and had a good grasp of where to wait when she wanted to be let out for bathroom breaks. Not once did she ever soil her crate. She was smart, but a little bit of a lemon.

Life has a tricky way of making you prioritize after unexpected events occur. I had to make a difficult decision. I didn't get to have her for long, but I loved her so much.

I don't want to go into details as to why I don't have her anymore. That's the kind of effect she had on me though. I keep to myself more. Not in a hermit kind of way, but rather to be a little less frivolous in all aspects of life and to hone in on what's really important.

Que sera sera, or so they say.

to feel welcome.

It's been awhile, but I finally went on a new adventure. Grant it, this little adventure was planned about a month in advance.

We had been wanting to try Welcome Diner's new location in Tucson ever since we found out about it. The Phoenix location has never failed in pleasing us, so we imagined the same for the southern Arizona location.

We had to make a whole day out of it though. The first stop was Presta Coffee. This place seems to be popular around the entire state, as it seems they use Presta's roast.

My cappuccino was divine, but what sold me was the beautiful ceramic cups the caffeine was served in. 

Being into watercolor lately, I found there was an art supply store nearby, and made a quick visit to pick up some things. As we were leaving, hunger quickly settled in our stomachs. Luckily a friend of mine who loves Tucson, gave us a great recommendation of going to Cup Cafe.

We did pick the weirdest day to visit Tucson though. It was raining on and off, so the planned photoshoots weren't exactly successful. We did get a spare half hour though to do a mini shoot of sorts.

The area we managed to shoot in had colorful doors and great backdrops. It wasn't too long before rain started to fall again, so we rushed back into the car. 

The evening was met with drinks at the Tough Luck Club and dinner at Welcome Diner. Of course the meal there was amazing. Nothing short of our expectations.

Hopefully it's a good sign of the adventures to come this year. After all, I do have plans of going back to Japan again, so I'm hopeful.